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Lara McClure

Hypnotherapy, CBT & Eye Movement Therapist

I am a storyteller, and my Hypnotherapy work is strongly rooted in that craft, finding profound therapeutic potential in carefully-constructed narrative. I create unique thoughtscapes for your powerful subconscious mind to help you make positive changes in your life. This is a relaxing, restoring, sometimes revelatory experience!

First and foremost, I listen to my clients so that I can understand as much as possible about the lived experience that has brought them to see me. I’ll pay attention to how you express yourself and process ideas so that I can build a sense of who you are into the design of your session, where I’ll use my voice to relax you completely and address the goals you have identified. Your hypnotherapy treatment is a collaboration between me and you, in which you are very much in control.

I hold a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy (DIP CHH), a certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (CERT MLPS) and a certificate in BLAST Technique® which addresses trauma through Bilateral eye movement. I am a member of The General Hypnotherapy Register.

I work with people face-to-face at Learn to Heal in Pocklington on Tuesdays and can also arrange online appointments. Appointments last an hour and cost £60. This can be booked and paid for in advance.

I’m also delighted to offer free fifteen minute Discovery Calls which can also be booked. This is a useful way to explore how my blend of clinical skills could help you, as well as giving you a chance to hear my voice!

Hypnotherapy is an evidence-based treatment in which an individual is verbally guided into a state of relaxation and focused attention to address an element of their lived experience they wish to change or feel differently about. I work with a range of practical techniques incorporating behavioural and analytical approaches – the what and the why of your issue(s) – to curate a blend to meet each individual’s needs.

There are many conditions and concerns that can be addressed through hypnotherapeutic techniques. Using Hypnotherapy, I have helped clients to overcome phobias and conquer fears that were limiting their lives, to release trapped emotions that were affecting their relationships, and to dismiss unwanted habits and behaviours that were holding them back.

I have worked with individuals who have reported boosted self-esteem, increased confidence and reduced stress, anxiety and panic through Hypnotherapy.

I find it immensely gratifying to hear that clients are enjoying improved sleep, together with reduced fatigue and the cascade of positive effects that come with being well-rested.

My clients have successfully worked with me to stop smoking and vaping, reduce caffeine intake and free themselves from emotional eating patterns to help achieve their weight management goals.

I can guide clients into an experience of temporal Regression, either within their own life or within a past life, which can lead them to a greater understanding of the source of their psychological and emotional issues.

Hypnotherapy can provide life-enhancing support with the lived experience of chronic pain, and evidence particularly indicates hypnotherapy as a treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

I value hypnotherapy as a gentle, accessible means of soothing trauma and softening the effects of loss. Specifically, I use the BLAST Technique® to address the root causes of trauma through Bilateral eye movement. Book a free fifteen minute Discovery Call to find out more.

A session with me typically lasts an hour and incorporates a range of techniques which we will discuss and agree. Follow up emails will suggest ideas for reinforcing the benefits gained during your hypnotherapy session. I am passionate about the evidence basis for my work and will often direct clients to scientific papers supporting the techniques we are using together.

Hypnotherapy is infinitely adaptable to the needs of individuals, so a range of issues can be addressed simultaneously. Your session will be unique to you.

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