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Reveal your glow with Cosmetic Acupuncture

Struggling with rosacea or acne flare-ups? Perhaps your face is feeling puffy or you’re noticing more fine lines or a duller complexion than before?


Whether you’re seeking treatment for a specific skin problem, have areas you would like to firm, or you’re just dreaming of that perfect glow, we’ve got you covered. After a thorough consultation to discuss your areas of concern, treatment begins with individually chosen skincare to clean and prepare your skin.


Using advanced techniques, including the award-winning Dermalux light therapy, plus a cocktail of divine skin products, our therapists will create the perfect session for you, drawing on years of experience.

Cosmetic Acupuncture therapy is the ultimate in relaxation, rebalance, and restoration of natural glow to your skin.

What happens in a facial acupuncture session?

Yes, there are needles involved. But no, they won’t hurt!

Tiny needles are inserted at specific places in the face. These points will focus on bringing fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients to the skin, encouraging collagen and elastin production. Other points will work on firming and toning specific muscles. These body acupuncture points will be placed based on your overall health, and will completely relax and rebalance you.

Once all the needles are in, you can truly relax under the Dermalux LED Therapy. In the meantime, we’lI work on tight muscles in your neck and shoulders, using a specially chosen essential oil blend.

Cupping therapy may also be performed, to boost circulation and reduce puffiness. Your treatment will then finish with a cocktail of serums and a soothing Hydrojelly mask specially chosen for your concerns.


Facial Acupuncture Ultimate Glow Facial - 1hr45 - £120


You offer such a wonderful service. I came away from you after facial acupuncture feeling relaxed, looking radiant and feeling soothed. It was so much much more than a cosmetic treatment.


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