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GI Mapping

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

You’ve had blood tests and been told everything’s fine. But you still know something’s not right.


And you’re fed up with constantly dieting, eating all the ‘gut healthy’ foods, but still feeling terrible.


Gluten free, low-FODMAP, low-histamine… you name it…


... You’ve tried every elimination diet out there and still not got any relief, or figured out what causes your flare-ups.


Living with severe bloating, brain fog, fatigue, gas, acid reflux, constipation or IBS is no fun.

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You don’t need yet another restrictive diet that makes you feel miserable. You need a holistic, informed and scientific approach to diagnose your gut issues.

If your days are dictated by whether or not your stomach acts up and it’s having a huge impact on how you feel…


… you’re the perfect fit for our gut health programme.

Introducing the Healthy Gut Programme

A 4-6 month programme to heal your gut with GI-MAP testing and a tailored-to-you treatment plan.

Go from lethargic, bloated and losing hope to energetic, food-confident and Buscopan-free.


Our gut health programme begins with a detailed look at the timeline of your digestive issues. When did they start, and what else was going on at the time for you?


With this overview of your initial symptoms, we can begin further tests to help trace it back to the root cause.


Using GI-MAP testing and an ongoing strategy to manage your symptoms, together we can heal your gut and get you back in control of your energy.

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What is the GI-MAP test?

GI-MAP is a unique tool that uses DNA testing. Your stool sample is used to create a DNA footprint of bacteria and pathogens in your gastrointestinal tract, so we can see exactly what needs treating as a priority.


The map also shows how well your stomach is producing acids, as well as the function of other digestive organs, like the liver and pancreas. The test looks for patterns of

dysbiosis, parasite infections, H.pylori, leaky gut and much more.


It will show us a complete overview of your whole digestive tract and allow us to design a programme to help you not only recover but rebuild your digestive health for long-term results.

What’s included in the Healthy Gut Programme

GI map test

We will begin with an initial consultation, then order your test when we start working together.

Report Interpretation and Strategy 

Finally, you can stop the guesswork. The test will show you if you have any infections and how well your digestive system is working as well as potential foods that could be causing you some problems.

Bespoke diet & lifestyle plan

Using your test results, we will design a tailored healing protocol, including diet, lifestyle and acupuncture treatments.

✓  Initial consultation, in-clinic or on Zoom

✓ Full GI-MAP testing and interpretation of results

✓ Guided elimination diet

✓ Supplement protocol to support your healing process

We use a 5R protocol to heal your gut, based on the principles of Functional Medicine.


Using the results from your GI-MAP test, we’ll be able to start informed food elimination and antimicrobial kill off.


We’ll replace important stomach acids that may be depleted through a supplementation programme.


Our guts need good bacteria to thrive. We’ll introduce gut-friendly foods probiotics and symbiotics to allow the gut to rebalance with healthy beneficial bacteria.


A regimen to help nurture and repair the lining of the your gut to make you less prone to inflammation and food intolerance.


Wellness is an ongoing process. The mind, body and gut are all interconnected. We’ll advise on food and lifestyle factors to support gut health and balance.

Don’t just manage your symptoms. Get to the bottom of what’s causing them with the GI-MAP test.

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