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What does good health mean to you?

More energy? Freedom from chronic pain? Peak physical fitness? Glowing skin?

However you define it, optimal health is something everyone wants – and deserves.

But a number of factors can make you feel you no longer have a handle on your health. Things like insomnia, chronic pain or fatigue, IBS, hormonal issues, joint pain, female health issues and weight gain can have a serious impact on day-to-day life. And difficulty pinpointing the cause can make you feel totally in the dark about how to solve it.


You don’t have to live with your health issues. At Learn To Heal,

we won’t just help you manage or mask your symptoms...

We’ll target them at the root.

We use Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Functional Medicine to address a wide variety of health concerns. We can support you to find long-term solutions to health conditions – even if you feel like you’ve already tried everything your GP suggests.

It's not about looking for a quick fix. Every one of us is different, which means symptoms in one person may have a totally different cause in another.


Our blended approach of Eastern and Western medical philosophies allows us to not just treat your symptoms, but to identify and alleviate the root cause, for long-term health benefits and better wellbeing


We offer a range of Acupuncture & Functional Medicine therapies

Life-changing. Whether you have a chronic illness or injury or are just feeling a bit out of sorts.

Having had breast cancer five years ago and a few recurring problems, regular visits to Sam have made a world of difference over the past year, both in terms of physically helping to balance some of my aches and pains and fatigue caused by the drugs and also from feeling more balanced emotionally. I can't recommend this treatment enough, it is life-changing and life-enhancing on so many levels, whether you have a chronic illness or injury or are just feeling a bit out of sorts, acupuncture can help.



You don’t have to do this alone...

Our team of highly trained practitioners will support you on your healing journey in whatever way they can.

You may be feeling frustrated and despondent, having had your symptoms dismissed, misdiagnosed or trivialised for months or even years. Living with the emotional impact of this can be as challenging as the physical.


As well as the huge physical benefits of beginning to tackle your symptoms at the root, we are also there to listen, understand and validate your story.


All you need is a commitment to the ongoing process of working with us over time to improve your health holistically.